Monday, September 8, 2014



i was thinking a little crepe inspiration might hide
the fact that i have been MIA from the blog in almost
a month.. yikes! you are on my mind ALL the time!
i am always thinking all kinds of things to share with you
to post real quick and then before you know it...
i am caught in the storm, i can hardly find the ground
and then i land in the hopes that i still have my body intact,
i guess all of this to say that i miss you, i miss me here,
i miss the consistency of the blog, sending it out to inspire and nourish
your journey in and out of the kitchen. i guess what it really comes
down to is we are all going thru this storm together and i ain't hiding
the fact that my staff hasn't showed up here at white oprah
headquarters.... WOH!
they are coming, it's just a longer commute than i thought. 

i have been super uninspired lately... yep, you heard that right.
the one who inspires gets in a bored out of my mind rut too.. which
is also fueled by the non-stop life that is happening around me
at a pace that includes a lot of the same ol' same ol' ... so i reached
out to the amazing & inspiring nigel slater one night.. one of the many 
things i love about him and his books is the simplicity to his approach.
so incredibly simple. i decided i am going to make crepes to get out of
this hole and it worked! they created so much joy, with b helping me and
o creating his own... it was a good start out of the rutxxxx

CREPES with raspberries, peaches & strawberries
(nigel slater refers to these as pancakes in notes from the larder)

2 tbs+ some for cooking//butter
2/3 cup cup4cup flour or other flour
1 tbs superfine sugar
1 large egg and 1 extra yolk
1 1/2 milk
stewed fruit

first, i threw a ton of fruit in a big saute
pan with a little butter & a tiny bit of water
i had that on low thru this entire process
melt butter in a small pan and then cool
sift flour, pinch of salt into a large bowl
mix in sugar, make a well in the center
and add the egg & egg yolk, plus cooled
melted butter, stir gradually adding milk to
form a smooth batter, leave for 1/2 hour
(not sure if i did this or not...we were hungry!)

use a 8" or 9" nonstick frying pan with melted butter
i used a 2 tbs scoop to put batter in pan but you can use anything
you feel comfortable with and then spread it out like you 
are trying to keep a tennis ball on a tennis racket (kind of)
spread batter around to make it thinner
then see how it begins to bubble and use a little spatula
to life the sides and flip it over.. i like having a plate on the
stove top where i place the finished crepes so i can keep going

 nigel bakes these crepes with the stewed fruit inside
 after all of the above! that is not the kind of life i am living
as i had vultures that looked like my kin around the stove
waiting to be fed! also, i added some wedges of lemon &
powdered sugar with a sieve to add to the inside of the crepe.

more recipes soon
(i promise!)

the fall miracle is
september 18th
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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

slowwww saute with my abuela.

it's been a summer of deep transformation over here....
discovering new depths of healing
the various shapes of being in my body
noticing how i open my heart for surgery
my awareness to my own suffering
getting real honest with what i carry around
and inside all of this, i am breathing, a lot.

what i mean by breathing is i get up at the
crack of dawn, slowly walk up the stairs
on my tippy-toes, (praying not to wake up
the freedom takers) sit on the patio
for as long as i can and breathe.

during this transformation, i have been hungry for round
thick vessels to warm the lightness of cherry heart tomatoes,
creamy zucchini varieties, yams and sweet onions which is
what is above in the picture and on the stove right now!
the vessel is a gorgeously round clay pot called cazuela.
it feels like there are stories, hands, elders and travels
cooking up my nourishment in the cazuela
which i really want to call my abuela ;).
i am hungry for this slowness of the saute, the
natural rhythm of the story, the offering of the pot. 
my hunger doesn't seem to be getting old
so i thought i would share it with you beauties!

you can use any pot of course!!! don't let anything stop you!
get out your biggest, most round pot and start chopping
vegetables to throw in there. my favorite is starting with a base of
chopped sweet onion,
olive oil and a bit of garlic
so that whatever veggies you put in will be sweet!
today i threw all of the veggies mentioned above
and then added the macadamia nut pesto on top
with some roasted carrots....
yes to a total love fest over here
sending love to you beautiesxxxx
(now go turn on the fire!)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

night of nourishment.

so grateful to travel with my
wood board & bread knife to 
i am honored to be collaborating
with lauren spencer king in her
breathwork meditation class
after the meditation
i will guide a nourishing circle
with wood board love, poetry &
a below the neck chat
i hope to see you there

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

good here.

good here

my hair is on fire and i am feeling everything
dipping, steeping, beauty believing in me
over and over again in all the languages
being seen here and being heard here
having all the right tools here
efficiency is the name of the game
in a copper house with transparent walls
the madness makes it good here.

i am biting at the bit, my mouth like the scape of a horse
i am bulging out of my pants, oozing out of the zippers
my bones enveloped by the taffy like land that had me at hello
please buy some carrots, figs, cucumbers and watermelon radish
put them on my eyes and lets make a face

i want to pop, i want to pop up shop
letting go is the name of the taco stand
healthy heaps of salsa and guacamole
i can hardly keep my eyes off you
pop goes the weezel
raccoons and zen masters
i want to travel with this circus
maybe on one of those long dirt roads
i will hear myself inside the dust and the fog
maybe I will not care about what you think
and you
and you
maybe it could be real good here
lobsters and drawn butter
the innocence of a summer
string lights and picnic tables

i will start believing in me
wearing my apron, jeans and pastel cottons
i will try not to fall asleep as we had ideas
desires of it being good here-
i really want so much that I can’t stop--
i want me and i want you
i need a thousand naps and I want to perform more than I knew
i want to be good and i want to make it
i want to figure it all out and then write lots of easy books,
easy to read & easy to write

i hear beauty
her foot steps and her one sock nap
our time is up.

i have to turn this off to start again
i want to do it better
less heavy
more light
half and half is perfect for me
i like it in my tea
warm with brown sugar cubes from france
turquoise birds on the box, the kind of box you want to keep
the kind of box that says fancy and barefoot, more money than god
but groundless and breathing, what trip to take, fearless about life,
homeschooling and showering in the same week
that could be good here.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


i am very passionate about this film.
i am sharing it because the topanga film festival 
will be screening gmo omg this saturday in topanga canyon.
i am going! will you come?

all of these incredible films that document about our food,
our agriculture system, our land & our health are so brave.
i feel deep respect & appreciation for their effort to tell the real story
of what is happening in our country. they are drawing the map for
how we make our everyday choices in gathering, cooking & living.
these filmmakers are our modern day shamans. 

the topanga film festival will be screening amazing films
all day on saturday, july 19. they all look deep & inspiring.
you can read more about the line up of films here.

gmo omg will be screening at 4pm at
froggy's on topanga canyon blvd. 
buy your tickets here

you can watch the trailer here.

if you are not in los angeles, please check the
gmo omg site for screenings in your area.
the more people know, the more we can deeply
nourish ourselves, our world & our children. 
big love beautiesxxxx

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

wood board love//post-market moment.

hi beauties!
this was so yum & love
i had to share it with you
this was a post-market moment
where b & i were just too hungry to get
anything together... you know what i mean? 
(i didn't ask b if she was hungry or what she wanted)
i created the board with what inspired me at
the market and what was close by in the baskets
the goal: to deeply nourish us
i turned on a bit of fire with the toaster ;)
so here it is.. a small farm to table love fest
with all the farms to shop from on sunday in hollywoodxxxx

cut up white nectarines (kens top notch produce)
cherry golden tomatoes (harry's berries)
fat & crunchy spring peas (givens farms)
avo mash with salt & lemon (jj cole's daughter)
sour dough toast with apricot honey (drake goat cheese)
goat cheese & smoked salmon (cookbook market)

i would love to see YOUR wood board love
that you are creating this summer
please send your pictures in and i will post them
big love beauties xxxx

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

independence day parfait.

so this story began with a desire for ice cream
but the bowl of the ice cream maker was not frozen yet!
so with the hunger high for a sweet treat
i had to come up with something on the fly....
and the independence day parfaits was born!

this is the simplest desert
and of course you can do a brekkie one with 
yogurt & granola too.. this is 100% whole
whipped cream with a little pour of vanilla &
powdered sugar added... oh and the love in there..
it's like no other!

 o & b wanted to help
so they filled the jars
and whipped a bit too
it's a family affair with the parfait
i think it took all of 5 minutes!

strauss whole cream
(they are not paying me/
just have to share the love)
powdered sugar
vanilla extract
locally & organically grown
sweet blueberries
& ball jars


enjoy your family
red, white & blue
big love beautiesxxxx

summer miracle
next friday
july 11 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

flowering fennel.

hi beauties!
this weeks market find is....
flowering fennel!
you can eat those tiny yellow flowers and
they are packed with so much fennel flavah!
shake a bit onto your 3 minute egg,
a yummy salad, jam on bread
for an extra little zest of love.

i have them front and center
in a ball jar (filled with water)
to celebrate the beauty
of summer.. pick some up
or at least try a petal or two. 
these fennel flowers are from 
sabrina at shear rock farms. 
find her sunday in hollywood
tuesday in highland park
and friday in echo park.

enjoy beauties

summer miracle
july 11
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Tuesday, June 24, 2014



I am ravenous
(no second guessing)
learning who I am inside this feast
this beast
this breath
struggling to write
I hear my belly moan
what is her famous song?

downloading the exhaustion
the broken pieces
the sewn up threads
my boot straps are up
my bags are packed
for a quieter life

a place that feels like that first sip
the warmth softening me
inside that tea
she’s a muse for all of me

I want more of less
turn down the volume
slow the bus
oil up the joints
lets sit ravenous for the breath
ravenous to take off the masks
unveil, make room, stare at your face in the mirror for a long time

pregnant with producing, being, raising, growing,
cooking it all up
this stew of motherhood
ravenous to try it all on
ravenous to let it simmer for years
the fire will take care of the fat
I will try the innards, create a shape and call it a day

ravenous for this morning- this paper, this pencil, this limoges tea cup
stirring me round and round
ravenous for a chat
slowing down to let go
teaching the gospel before I know the lines
faking it before I am making it
sitting in lotus with my hips on fire
little bonfires in the bank accounts of my sciatica
my bones trying to tell me the story
in a language I only hear as pain
maybe its longing
maybe all I will ever know how to do in this life is write,
make a tea and breathe

I want to invite kindness to every party
let go of my expectations
I want to move my body in a way that says: I love you, I love every single molecule of you, I want to travel the world with you and the seven seas with you so that I might get a bit lighter
lose the barnacles that hold me here, the shackles of an agenda put here way before I got here--- trying to transcribe the language, decipher the font, a map nailed to those innards floating around me between the boiling bubbles and the toiling troubles

so sick & tired of sucking at this teet
to look for no mother in the room
all the babies in wide wood bowls
free to roam on cake plates
in their cozy vessels
where they are seen and heard, seen and heard, seen and heard!
when will that musical be over?

I have the playbill in hand turning to the page entitled
‘how to make a life’
reaching for some plain m&m’s
I sink down in my chair and
wait for the second act to begin.